We are Roadrunner Resource Centers

We are a team of special education professionals providing unique and innovative educational services for children with special needs who require supplemental support to their traditional educational services. We strive for a balanced approach between learning and fun to allow for guided exploration and discovery as well as encouraging peer interaction.

Our instructors have experience in working with a range of disabilities and special needs. We have helped students with autism; intellectual and physical disabilities; and children who are nonverbal. We pride ourselves on creating a safe environment where children feel confident and independent while developing necessary lifelong social and life skills.

Our mission

Our mission is dedicated to providing developmental educational support, life skill instruction, communication practice, and social opportunities for children of all abilities and help them and their families achieve their short term and long term life goals.

Our Dedicated teaching Staff

Jennifer Steere

I arrived in Arizona in 1993, as a military spouse to my husband, Jeff. I pursued my education at Arizona State University and earned a B.A.E. in Special Education. I began teaching right away, and that is when my real education began! Teaching K-8 Special Education in cross-categorical settings in both the Deer Valley and Dysart school districts, I quickly discovered my desire to find ways for my students to be successful in all aspects of their lives.

I had the unique experience of teaching four years at an American International School in the Middle East. It was during that time I furthered my education while teaching, achieving a M.A.E. degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I have loved being a teacher for over two decades and felt it was time to use my knowledge of what works for children of all abilities. My goals are for kids to feel happy, capable, and confident. I am dedicated to our program that focuses on the needs of each child.

Reena Dasani

My husband and I moved to Phoenix AZ from London, England in 2000. I left behind a legal career and began a new one as a stay at home mum to three beautiful children. I started volunteering at my children’s school, in a busy, engaging kindergarten class. I soon became a teacher’s aide, and I realized that I had found a new path.

Collaborating one-on-one with experienced Special Education teachers in the classroom, helping support children of all abilities, sparked a new passion for teaching. I became a Special Education paraprofessional. For the past nine years I have had the privilege of working with many exceptional teachers and paras, helping children with a wide range of needs, grow with confidence and blossom.

Consuelo Fragoso

I was born and raised in Mexico. Being a part of a big family of seven siblings was beautiful and so much fun. At a young age I developed a maternal instinct and envisioned having a big family of my own. Watching my five children grow and develop has been one of the best joys of my life. I approach everything with patience and tenderness, as I have come to realize it is the foundation for the connection I make with each child. In my decades of experience, I have had the privilege to see many young minds grow and develop. This serves as my motivation to work through all the challenges.

The journey in my professional career has taken different paths. I started with providing child care in my community. I had the privilege of being the sole health provider of a special person with disabilities for more than three years. I have been part of an exceptional special education department at West Wing Elementary, working as a paraprofessional for the last eight years. In this program I gained the trust and respect of my co-workers, growing into the Lead Paraprofessional role.

Shawna Huxel

I have always worked with children. I love helping them grow and learn. I started as a preschool teacher and nanny, until it was time to raise my own girls as a stay at home mom. I have two teenage daughters who have special needs who inspire my every day. Six years ago, I was drawn back to teaching and began my work as a paraprofessional. That’s where I found my niche! It’s so rewarding to help students with their education. There is so much more I want to help them learn.

Through my years of experience, I came to realize that there is a need for children with special needs to have more social interactions within the community. I want them to have more than the traditional school experience, and enjoy meeting new friends and having fun. I am excited to be a part of this program!

We can’t wait to meet you and child! get in touch for a consultation and we’ll answer all of your questions.